Saturday, March 13, 2010

Next topic please...

I hope I haven't bored any of you (4 readers) with my obsession over eating, the food chain, the effects of food on our bodies and the world. I was hoping that post-cleanse, I'd be able to switch over to "See Kathy Run" sort of fodder, but I've been busy and lazy this week and I don't feel like running. So no running = no stories about running.

So perhaps this week since there hasn't been much sweat, besides the usual pit moisture, breaking around here, I've been feeling the muffin top more than usual. Or my pants must be shrinking again. Like I said, gaining weight is not a big deal for me. What is a big deal is having to get bigger clothes to accommodate the expanding waistline. I will for sure exercise to have to avoid replacing all of my bottoms.

Next weekend, I will be out of town for work. Meetings, oh joy. So I may or may not run depending on how much sitting is involved. If the tush starts to go numb, I may throw in a jog. I know some of you out there can run at warp speeds and crazy distances, but I am determined not to shin split myself again. I will literally start from 1 mile and s l o w l y work my way back up to Mardi Gras Marathon 2011, if God so wills it.

Don't worry, I fully plan on bringing my So You Think You Can Dance Cardio Blast workout DVD that I got for Christmas! That for sure will make for a great work out. I hope Mark is on it and that I get to learn how to be Chelsie in the Bleeding Love routine!

I just wanted to end with a little fun story about my day. So lately, I have been experiencing a lot of upper back and shoulder pain/tension. Probably a combination of a lot of stress, lack of sleep and gripping the handle bars of spinning class out of sheer exhaustion and desire to vomit and pass out.

You know how at Whole Foods there is a little area of chair massages at $1/minute? I decided I would treat myself to 15 minutes so that I don't have to spend the rest of my night trying to reach between my shoulder blades with my metal water bottle in a sad attempt to massage out my own knots.

I am sooo looking forward to the 15 minutes of bliss that I am about to receive that I might release tears of joy. I look at the little white board on the wall of the massage makeshift cubicle and it says "Massage Hours 1-6pm Daily." I check my cell phone.

It's 6:01. fml

So I have to go now to find a tennis ball I can put on the ground and roll on top of and no, I will not take a photo of that for the blog. I would like to maintain a least a shred of dignity, well okay, I don't care about dignity. Just too lazy to set up a camera to capture the weirdness that is to follow.

This is what I look like at work. Except, I would be looking at twitter, not excel.

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