Friday, March 12, 2010

It's so hard to say goodbye...

... to hot dogs.

I love animals.

I love eating.

I love eating animals.

So I should love the book Eating Animals, right?

Jonathan Safran Foer has been much talked about since the release of his latest book, Eating Animals. Before you read Eating Animals or anything else for that matter, I cannot recommend more Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I'll even buy you a copy if you seriously read it. That is how much I love it.

I was surprised to learn Foer wrote a book on the mass production of animals by our present-day farmers. It's so different from his insanely creative stories that take you through all the emotions of life in roughly 300 pages. I haven't read it yet because the public library hasn't gotten a hold of it. But what's the next best thing to do when you can't [or don't want to] read?

Watch the Colbert Report!

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I'm so sad that farmers unanimously won't eat hot dogs. I know I've said it before but I really do love hot dogs. They're so good grilled, boiled, fried, on a bun, on a stick, with ketchup or mustard and/or chili and cheese with grilled onions.

The other week, I read this New York Times article on a workshop that was recently held to teach people how to properly raise, kill and butcher rabbits. There were even photos of these cute little bunnies. As cute as they were, as I read the article, I started craving rabbit. They are just as delicious as they are soft and fuzzy.

But we've already discussed how supporting our current farming practices is harmful to ourselves and to the world. In this next video of Foer on Ellen [who inspired me to start the cleanse in the first place], Foer gets to go into more detail about how our farm system is a top cause of the detriment of our environment. And for those who have a compassion to see animals like people, yes, the current practices are also just as harmful to us and to the animals themselves.

So the sooner we can all collectively protest our current system of raising animal for meat and other products, the sooner improvements in farming practices will occur and the sooner that those of us who still want to have meat can have it because it's no longer infected by growth hormones, antibiotics and whatever kinds of chemicals these animals are releasing due to the unnatural and at times torturous conditions they live in.

For the die hard carnivores, take the challenge to go meatless [and dairy-less] one day each week.

If not, I dare you to take a stop along the stretch on the I-5 in California with the acres and acres of cattle crammed into a refugee camp-esque farm and sit down and have a burger.


  1. but if we don't raise animals for meat, what will our dogs and cats eat? San Francisco has more dogs than children!

    Also, why do people protest only eating animals? The hypocrites then kill plants by the millions, ripping fruit and seeds and sometimes even the entire plant out from its home, then cooking it live. or even eating it live. heartless.

  2. Dogs in San Francisco are eating up the children??? Crazy.

    The same protest against the meat industry applies to the produce industry that over-abuse and over-treat crops and soil all in the name of mass producing blueberries in Chile year round so they're always available at your HEB.

    I'm not against ripping animals or plants apart all in the name of a good meal. It would just be nicer if we weren't killing the planet, ourselves and others because I want a 5.99 Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast.

    Also, Americans and Europeans spend $17 billion dollars on pet food annually. Let's take some of that money to feed the starving children of San Francisco.