Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Workout Wednesday

I am asking all of you to say prayers, light incense, sacrifice your first born, send positive brainwaves into the atmosphere because I am starting to run again!

Sitting out because of shin splints sucks. Not because I'm the best runner in the world, but because I'm so unskilled in all other forms of physical activity that I'm starting to hate this constant feeling of inadequacy. It's been nearly 6 months now and I hope I can finally get off my flat ass and get my heart pumping and lungs burning again.

I've already swallowed what little pride I have left by wearing my cool orthopedic running shoes, and I will further act a fool by wearing my compression socks every time I exercise.

The sad thing is that I'm not even good enough of a runner to warrant all these contraptions. I'm just brittle and my muscle fibers will not stay on the bone. I also use the many hours I will now spend watching So You Think You Can Dance (I hope you're watching!) icing my shins and stretching.

And I will run, of course.

I'm up to 1 mile! For those not living in southern Louisiana this time of year, exercising outdoors feels like having a hot towel over your face with a grocery bag loosely tied around your head. Torture. Literally, good ol' southern torture.

I simply walk out the house and already I'm tasting the salty sweat pour out of my body. I can't decide if this is worse than running in the winter when my hands would get painfully frozen and move in slow motion because my blood was starting to freeze over.

Regardless, I will persevere! Goal: Rock 'n Roll Marathon in San Antonio in November! If I were you, I wouldn't start placing bets on this horse. Just run with me so I don't sleep in instead of hitting the pavement to show off my cool socks.

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  1. KLee, I was seriously dying laughing at the pic of the compression socks and stabilizing shoes. You are the cutest. Hilarie.