Tuesday, June 1, 2010


All weekend long my car has been smelling like bananas. I figured I finally reached the point where all of my bodily emissions were going to smell like bananas because I eat them so often.

Some of you may know my old car, which had the BANANAS license plate. This was long before Gwen Stefani made the spelling of this nutritious and delicious fruit a catchy tune.

Sorry. This was the only photo I could find. You can see the license clearer in the reflection [upside down and backwards, though].

Today, I get to my office and start the usual unloading of the items. Cell phone, water bottle, planner... Then I see this in the bottom of my bag:

[Warning: View photo at the risk of losing one's appetite for bananas today.]

Guess I'll be making banana bread tonight. Yum! 


  1. @AlexandraManzan This is how I lose complete "appearance of coolness/busyness/extremepopularity."

    Yeah, about that... look how fast I can respond. This is seriously disgusting.

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