Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Status Change

Confession: I am taking the time to blog right now because I can't connect to my Slingbox to watch Glee and Biggest Loser!

But, that doesn't mean I care about my blog readers any less than I care about what is happening with Will and Emma this week. Ya'll run through my mind very often, especially when I see fun things that I wish I could iPad it out there to you without having to exert the manual labor of typing and choosing corresponding media and then reading my entry multiple times to eliminate as many typos as possible. What I'm trying to say is that I'm lazy. There, I said it.

Truthfully, the past month has been even more ridiculous than most. Nearly every day is either a great high or extreme low. Anytime my phone rings, my stomach turns. I refresh my email box for new messages every 5 minutes. I've been overwhelmed with emotions and have had to get pep talks and advice from friends to remember that everything will work out just fine, and that I have to accept that whatever happens happens.

No, I haven't just started a new volatile relationship. I have been trying to close on a house.

As of May 5, 2010, I officially became an owner of a house that really belongs to a mortgage company that I owe more money to than I have ever made in my life! It's all very exciting.

And I say "I" as if all of this came about because I am a financially capable, real estate savvy adult, which is totally not true. I'm sure most adults don't call their real estate agent in tears because their insurance agent was rude to them on the phone. This achievement could not have been possible without the patience and kindness of my lovely real estate agent and my parents, who have accepted the grim fact that I will never marry and move out of their house.

The big question now is: When's the big moving day?

The answer is: never. I don't have one large living space that I have been inhabiting that I can pack up in a U-Haul and unload at my new abode. I'm living at my parent's house. I'm pretty sure they would notice if I took their couch and blender. 

My real goal is to be as intentional as possible with what I fill my new environment with, not just with making sure I don't end up with everyone's cast-off bathroom decor, but also because I will be spending a lot of time there [since all of my income is now going to my mortgage company... there goes what small social life I had!].

Like my post back in April, I hope to apply the same principle's I apply to my food decisions: Am I making choices that affirm and promote the dignity of human beings and that are considerate of our planet's limited resources?

This will be tough, especially since I don't have $3,000 to drop on an organic mattress.

However, I am proud to announce my first major appliance purchase: used from my church's annual garage sale for the bargain price of $4.

You know how the saying goes: Coffee is where the heart is. 

More photos:

Yes, this is also my favorite part of the house. 


  1. That's a lovely coffee maker... and please tell me that's in the kitchen of your new house... because I'll fly down to cook there...

  2. Yay! Congratulations! That is HUGE! I had no idea! P.S. I like your coffee maker and I added you to my reader. Ljubav!

  3. Congrats!! That is such a nice kitchen! I should round up all the wedding gifts we don't want and let you pick what you want. I hope you like ugly, floral plates.

  4. Lots of love from your friendly Real Estate Agent. First let me say that no matter what high or low you are having I will be happy to help you through it. Secondly, your coffee maker looks fantastic in your beautiful new kitchen. Take your time moving in. I recommend you visit every garage sale you can to find those fun, special things you need to make your new house your home and support recycling along the way. Consider it a blessing that you are not in a situation that you have to move out of one house and into your new one in a short amount of time (your dad does not seem to be in a hurry to kick you out), and lastly your insurance agent needed a good talking to. LOL
    We will have to go have truffles from your new neighborhood Chocolate boutique, Bittersweet confections once your are settled.

  5. Most beautiful kitchen ever!