Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm singing. I'm in a store, and I'm singing!

I finally got to witness the musical spectacular that is known as Wicked tonight! Most of you know that I absolutely love love love musicals. As someone reminded me this past weekend, I did write a college entrance essay about how I would love for my life to be a musical. Obviously, I didn't get into that school but my deep desire for pivotal moments in my life to be played out and expressed through synchronized song and dance still remains.

Tonight as I was watching Wicked and my heart was giddy with glee [yes, musical tv show reference here] by the combination of dancing and singing, I found myself wondering if I was a good enough person if I could be reincarnated into a Broadway actress. Right now, my performance skill is not even as good as Buddy the Elf. My bad singing is "just like talking, except longer and louder, and you move your voice up and down."

And there are so many moments in life that have its own soundtrack built in. Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" was my first dance with my biggest crush ever. That was also the same summer that I learned REM's "It's the End of the World" because it was the camp anthem. Salt N Pepa's "Push It" brings me back to in Corral Canyon, when we'd each pick a part to sing in the song:

Lauren: Ahhh push it. Ahhh push it.
Morgan: Dun de dun de dun dun de dunenan
Missy: Oooh baby baby. Oooh baby baby.
Kacy: G-get up on this! Ow!
Ali: Salt N Pepa's here!
Kathy: P-push it real good!

That's talent, baby.

Beyonce's "Single Ladies" is still played almost anywhere I go. Anytime I'm out and the song comes on, my reaction is just like the little boy in this video:

Or the opposite. I get excited that I'm single but then I realize no one liked it enough to put a ring on it... wahhhhh! Not yet, at least ;)  [Insert intro to Defying Gravity]

So who's ready for Glee to return on April 13th?!

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  1. LOL! I love how the dad says he's a horrible father because he made his son cry, but then we realize that he has been filming while driving...