Saturday, April 3, 2010

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Last week, one of the trainers at my gym called and asked if I'd like to have a fitness assessment done. I agreed because I really just wanted to know what my body fat percentage was and hopefully to learn a few tips to not make me look like a total tool bag at the gym. The trainer even called me on Wednesday to confirm our appointment for Thursday. I run out of work Thursday afternoon, embarrassed I might be late for our scheduled meeting.

He never showed up. I got stood up at the gym. fml

One of the other trainers there felt sorry for me, and he rescheduled me for Friday. Keith and I talked about my fitness goals. I really wanted to just bring in a photo of Tenley from the Bachelor to show him that I just want her body, but I couldn't find one. This is all I have:

The rest of her is just as toned as her arms. Bitch. 

The goal that I really set for myself was to run the San Antonio Marathon in November. I originally planned on running the marathon here in New Orleans but I ended up with shin splints and had to stop training. I seriously cried because I put in so much time and effort to not accomplish my goal. No one in their right mind runs 12 miles just for fun. I only did it because it was almost halfway to 26.2.

The weird thing is that I was never really interested in running a full marathon. I thought I'd be happy with just doing the half. I've always been a half-asser, so it just seemed appropriate to not want to even consider running a full. I honestly just didn't ever think it was possible.

Even now that I've started running [jogging, really] again, I started feeling what I thought were shin splints again. Ugh, maybe I'm just not built to be a runner. I was just made to be an eater and viewer of the Real Housewives of New York.

Thankfully, the trainer took a look at my legs and determined it wasn't shin splints or a stress fracture, but actually just a sore muscle, which means I've actually worked out a muscle! Horray! I'm so relieved and because of that I decided to sign up, and give up half of my paycheck, to have a personal trainer work with me to achieve my goal.

Obviously, I was incapable of meeting my goal the first time around. So instead of inappropriately training, thinking I can get all the information and tips I need via Google search, it just made sense to me to invest in a professional to help me get to where I want to be. My brother always talks about the value you place on your health and lifestyle. People will stretch their wallets and sometimes even go into debt to treat an illness or injury, but will people go to such lengths to prevent it?

Not that I'm going into debt for this, I just may need to get a second job! But you get my drift, right? Investing not just money but also time and consciousness and getting the resources I need in order to achieve the lifestyle I want will hopefully pay off in the long run [pun intended].

So I may never be getting cable or a phone that's secretly a tiny laptop, and I will only be drinking miller high lifes, but at least twice a week I have a date with a man. Wait, I mean, I get to meet with my trainer who will kick my flat ass from here to 26.2 miles in 7 months. I'm excited! Sometimes, I imagine that my trainer is actually Bob from Biggest Loser and it just makes my day.

 I'm on the left and Bob's on the right.

Today: 30 min. strength training & 2 miles.

"Exercise is for people who can't handle drugs and alcohol." - lily tomlin

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